Video Game Testers Wanted

Video game testers can make the difference between an average game and a hot game that takes the world by storm. In the ultra competitive world of video games, developers and designers really have to pull out all the stops to try and come up with a game that will sell. The days of developing hit games in a garage is over. Today, you are looking at multi million dollar budgets to develop a game – and if it fails, big money is lost.

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This is where games testers play a huge part in making a game successful. When most people think about video game testers they think of a casual job where you lie around and play the latest games all day long. Unfortunately that’s NOT the case. Games testers have to be highly skilled gamers and most of all, the need to have the insight and knowledge of gaming in general to help developers and designers come up with something that mind blowing.

Testing happens at every stage of a game’s development. From concept to character creation to the music and even the packaging – all relies on testing to see what will work best and eventually sell more. Its all about finding what works and because developers don’t have that “outside” perspective they have to rely on video game testers to give them the feedback they need to improve the game before it gets released to the public.

With games testing taking on such a complex process these days you can really get in on this at so many different levels. The easiest way to start, is probably to do beta testing – which is really there to help iron out some of the flaws and errors in the game. Its usually just small bugs and errors that crept in and all you really need is an eye for detail. Although this is an entry level job, it will at least get you in though the door.

Even though this is a very competitive industry, video game testers is in demand in a big way. If you are good and if you are passionate about games you can work yourself up fairly quickly. There’s just so much opportunity and with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo throwing big money at games it can be a highly lucrative career for the right person.

Are you that person?

The biggest challenge that video game testers face is getting started. Finding your feet and getting to know the right people in the right places can be a challenge at first. I would highly recommend you join The Gamer Testing Ground as it will give you that initial help you need to get started. The key to making it in this industry is to take that first step. If you are serious about making a career out of gaming then you need to start now. Experience is invaluable and the quicker you get it, the quicker you can move on up.

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